• The Young and the Restless AIRED

    Samantha's episode aired on January 20th! Check her out as yet another Nurse!

    Y&R Clip

  • Commercial AIRED

    PROJECT: HowAboutADate.com
    ROLE: Spokesperson
    AIRING: In the Bay Area and on YouTube! Watch HERE!

  • BOOKED Feature Film

    Samantha booked an amazing gig performing alongside Christopher Lloyd, Cheyenne Jackson and Kevin Pollock in the new film The Song! Look out for it in 2014!

  • NEW Soap Reel

    Samantha added her clip from General Hospital to her Soap Opera Reel!  Check it out!

    Soap Opera Reel

  • General Hospital AIRED

    Check out Samantha as Flight Attendent Mandy on General Hospital!

    General Hospital Clip

  • NEW Spokesperson Reel

    Samantha has been doing some hosting work lately and put together a compliation of work.

    Enjoy!  Spokesperson Reel

  • Bold and the Beautiful AIRED

    Samantha's episode as an Under 5 on The Bold and the Beautiful aired on April 16th!

    Here is the clip from the show:  Bold and the Beautiful Clip

  • Days of Our Lives AIRED

    Samantha's episode as a day player on Days of Our Lives aired on February 12th!

    Here is the clip from the show:  Days of Our Lives Clip

  • Commercial AIRED

    PROJECT: SONY Industrial
    ROLE: Young Woman in a Sony Store
    AIRING: Aired in Times Square! Check out Sony Commercial

  • BOOKED Pilot

    PROJECT: Festival TV Pilot "Help Desk"
    ROLE: Winter, an aggressive & successful Help Desk manager
    AIRING: In Festivals soon! Check out the montage trailer!